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Microsoft to buy Nokia’s phone business — A new direction?

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Well it looks like Microsoft has opted to go “all in”.  The move totally reshapes the mobile industry and Microsoft’s future. By adding consumer hardware to it’s portfolio Microsoft now gains the expertise of Nokia long standing know-how in the industry. In addition Microsoft also adds in Nokia’s assets, giving them additional ammunition in the patent area. It will be interesting to see what direction existing products such as the Surface Pro and Surface RT take. With the purchase of Nokia it more than likely means that BlackBerry is off the table for Microsoft. I doubt that Microsoft will end up purchasing any of BlackBerry’s assets or seek a partnership. It will be interesting to see how both companies will transition and merge; as they find  synergies between the two companies.  Will this move push Samsung to rapidly expand Tizen? Will Google place Motorola in a more prominent role? How will this hurt BlackBerry, if at all? Is this a great oppourtunity for Microsoft to change it’s standing in the industry?

WebFives/Vizrea aquired by Microsoft so download your content

WebFives/Vizrea aquired by Microsoft so download your content in the next 30 days. WebFives (previously known as Vizrea) has been aquired by Microsoft and the service will shut down after 31 December. It is interesting to note that the WebFives/Vizrea service was available for primarily Nokia devices, yet Microsoft purchased the company. We may see some integration of this into future Windows Mobile devices.

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Nokia to buy Navteq for $8.1 billion | Tech News on ZDNet

No. 1 cell phone maker Nokia on Monday said it plans to buy digital-map supplier Navteq for $8.1 billion in one of its largest acquisitions ever. Already selling more cell phones around the globe than any other handset maker, Nokia has been aiming to add software and services like music, games and navigation to its business.

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