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Is Toronto wasting money?

The past few years have definitely been interesting for the city of Toronto. Various groups have indicated that Toronto is full of waste and inefficiencies. On the other hand, the Federal government is awash with cash. There is definitely a problem with money on all three levels of government. However, what David Miller needs to see is that people do not mind spending more, if they believe that money is properly spent. However, when a council decides not to tender a subway contract and spend money on services that may be seen as unnecessary, its no wonder that there is so much criticism. At some point Toronto City council will realize that before the city claims for bankruptcy.

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Mayoral smackdown: Miller wins, but compromises

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion has backed down over her attempt to supplant the “One Cent Now” campaign led by Toronto Mayor David Miller to wring one cent of the federal GST from Ottawa to fund Canadian municipalities. Ms. McCallion emerged from a lengthy meeting today of the mayors of Ontario’s 15 biggest cities to announce that she is now willing to support the campaign, although she won some concessions from her fellow mayors.
The final resolution from the Large Urban Mayors Caucus of Ontario calls for the federal government to share the “equivalent of one cent of GST with Canada’s cities and communities,” with the word “equivalent” underlined. It also recognizes that the national campaign should support local initiatives “including the Cities Now! Campaign in Mississauga.” In return, Ms. McCallion agreed to lend her support to the One Cent campaign, which Mr. Miller has championed for the past year. “It was a hot meeting, but a cold seat,” Ms. McCallion told reporters gathered at the chilly Oshawa hockey arena where the meeting was held. “But I want to assure you that the decision … was unanimous.”

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Hard Truths About Transit Financing

Transit shows up now and then among every campaign’s promises, but common to all is a poor understanding of the real needs and costs. Even media veterans who should know their way around the issue fall into the trap of believing the way each party describes the problems.

I will use the TTC as the single largest example of how much money we need to find, but TTC’s problems exist GTA-wide and in other major Ontario cities. The big difference with the TTC is its size and the relatively large amount of off-peak riding it caries. If transit is to be a real alternative in other centres, that’s what they must aim for.

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Faith-based funding – Tory may change plan

Reports indicate Conservative leader John Tory could change his plans on how he’ll bring in funding of faith-based schools. Campaign sources have told the Toronto Sun Tory is expected to announce that if he forms the next government he would put the issue to a free vote in the Legislature, rather than insist Conservative MPPs follow the party line.

Wynne was jeered when she suggested the funding plan would not lead to social cohesion. She says the Liberals “have been re-building a system that was undermined by the previous government. If we stop now, this province will not be strong.”

On the streets of Toronto, while some people told CFRB News that they may change their vote if Tory softens his stance on the issue, others said they wouldn’t, because the Conservative leader still believes in funding religious schools.

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John Tory to Unlock $1 Billion For Social Housing

Ontario PC Leader John Tory committed that a Progressive Conservative Government will invest to improve the living conditions for low-income families who reside in social housing throughout Ontario.

“As the former volunteer chair of the United Way in Toronto, I have seen first hand the challenges that face the most vulnerable people in our community,” Tory said. “Whatever reasons or circumstances may lead people into poverty must not be allowed to rob them of their right to hope, opportunity, dignity, government services and protection under the law.”

Tory made his comments at Toronto’s Flemingdon Park neighbourhood. A large number of Flemingdon Park residents currently reside in social housing, where there are persistent complaints about issues ranging from leaking roofs, substandard plumbing, poor air circulation, poor security and general deterioration.

“It is clear that something needs to be done to improve these living conditions. We need new leadership to fill this gap,” Tory said.

Under John Tory’s plan, a PC government will unlock $1 billion for capital repairs and new construction over the next ten years.Currently, social housing operators lack the funding flexibility to raise funds needed for capital repairs.

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Health and Social Services Funding Gap in GTA/905 Continues to Widen

GTA/905 residents are still falling further behind the rest of Ontario in terms of the provincial funding for local hospital care and social services according to a report issued today by the Strong Communities Coalition.

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