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Jobless rate at record 107,000 – Spinning the numbers

Statistics Canada has surprised economists and tossed a wild card into the federal election campaign, reporting that the Canadian economy generated a record 107,000 new jobs in September. However, almost all of the new jobs – 97,000 – were part-time. Listening to 680 News, you would think that all is fine. YOU DO THE MATH! Will be interesting to see how the politicians spin this one.

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Contracts keeping temp workers from full-time jobs – Ontario

I just listened to a great interview by Andy B. of the CBC. Great article!

The Ontario Ministry of Labour is considering a legislative change that would outlaw contracts that keep temporary workers from taking permanent jobs.

Many temporary-work agencies charge companies large fees to hire the temp workers they send to the job — and some agencies simply ban temp workers from taking full-time jobs with those firms.

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