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Everything is proceeding as the Liberals has foreseen


Everything is proceeding as Dalton McGuinty had foreseen”. John Tory was supposed to lead Ontario‘s Progressive Conservatives to certain victory over the “supposed” dark side; however he led them instead to a resounding defeat. Emperor Dalton McGuinty became the province’s first Liberal leader in 70 years to claim a second straight majority government. Albeit, one has to wonder; did John Tory simply not stand a chance against the political dark elements of deception, manipulation and down right Liberal political experience and know how? The Liberal engine is experienced; they knew what the electorate was prepared to talk about and what they did not want to hear. Elections are not for issues because in reality we only like comfort and ease. We like to know that everything is alright and under control. Only an all encompassing “Provincial Empire” can achieve this stability in Ontario and we gladly allowed it. Progressive Conservatives, and others, in Ontario thought that John Tory would have brought ‘A New Hope’ to the “integral deficit” that now exists among politicians; however the imperial forces of the Liberals got their way.

As such, the seasoned Liberals (lets give our due to the Liberals – they know how to run a campaign, like it or not) knew what to do and perhaps, over-confident conservatives thought that they had the upper hand. But with a strong economy and positive outlook, I assure you, the Liberals were quite safe. It did not take much to “scare” Ontarians into voting for the status quo. Now, on radio and media outlets, they are talking about the “real” issues, that were never brought up during the election. Unfortunately, John Tory and the PC party left Ontarians defenseless to it and our journey to the “Liberal Side” was completed! “The Progressive Conservatives and their feeble skills was just no match for the power of the Liberal side of the force! Ontarians allowed our Emperor Dalton to use their own aggressive and hostile feelings to focus on the faith-based school issue; essentially allowing fear and trepidation flow freely. Dalton and the Liberals felt that fear and knew how to use it. You would think that Ontarians would have not allowed one issue to dominate the election, but it did. Our radio and media outlets participated in the mix that focused us all on that one issue. Now that fear, along with hate, has made ‘Emperor McGuinty’ more powerful then we could ever imagine; fulfilling the destiny of a second term.

So now, Ontarians, we selected another path. One that we think is certain, stable and safer, but is it? Dalton led a smart and clean campaign; showing himself on television, always telling Ontarians what he would do. He always said “we can do better” and “there is more work to be done”. Your compassion for him led you to vote overwhelmingly for the Liberals. And those of you who hated the faith-based school funding issue, allowed yourselves to be used by simply not showing up to vote. This will be our undoing and in the end we will pay the price (that’s called taxes, if you haven’t gotten it already…) for our lack of vision!

By: Andy MJ
a.k.a “The G.T.A Patriot
Toronto, Ontario

NEWS FLASH: The Imperial House of Commons will no longer be of any concern to Ontarians. We have just received word that the Emperor has dissolved elections permanently. No point anyway since only half of Ontarians bother to get out of there house and vote anyway. The last remnants of the “OldRepublic” of Ontario have been swept away. The regional Mayors, (David Miller and others) now have direct control over their territories, using the template of the “City of Toronto Act”. Fear will keep the locals in line. Hasn’t it always?

The Ontario Imperial  House of Commons

P.S. OKAY! I’m having little political fun with my love for Star Wars!

So far a Liberal majority has been declared by most of the GTA media tonight

One of the most interesting things about the Liberals is that they have held on to most, if not all, of the seats they had previously. Unfortunately, it seems that the ‘faith-based funding’ issue was truly the “Pandora’s Box” issue in Ontario. Regardless of all of the other issues on the table Ontarians have chosen to stick with what they currently have. Ontarians are simply not ready to deal with the funding issue in education at this time. Ontarians are also quite comfortable; however it will be interesting to see how the Liberals govern for the next 4 years. It also seems that John Tory may have actually lost his own seat in Don Valley West (not all of the votes are in yet). I still believe he is the best leader for the PC Party at this time (no one waiting in the wings to replace him); however I am not sure how he will be able to hold leadership of the party. With the Liberals clearly as the winner, who was the loser? Well, in my estimation it is MMP. This may change, however based on the numbers at the moment it is unlikely. At the present moment it looks like MMP will not pass. People simply did not have enough information about MMP to make an informed decision. Albeit, to no fault of their own. MMP was left off of the radar until the final few days of the election. Green Party support has risen, however in order for them ever to see a seat in the House of Commons a lot of ground work will need to be done. The lesson learned in this election is to stay away from controversial issues, no matter how much it may be the right thing to do. Ontarians will only tackle the issue when they are actually ready to. Congratulations to all of candidates during this election and best of luck in the legislature to all of the winners.

By: Andy MJ
a.k.a “The GTA Patriot”
Toronto, Ontario

A publicly funded Mennonite school in Ontario – Liberal Hypocrisy?

A public school in St. Catharines that for two decades has offered chapel services and Bible classes for its Mennonite students proves Dalton McGuinty’s arguments against funding religious schools are “nonsense,” according to the Progressive Conservatives. Eden High joined the public system in 1988 during the Liberal government of premier David Peterson.

So what does that have to do with the “funding proposal” on the table today?Mr. Van Soelen noted five current Cabinet ministers — including Greg Sorbara, the Finance Minister and Liberal campaign chairman — were members of Mr. Peterson’s caucus.

“They would have been at the Cabinet table. They must have believed in it at the time,”
We have a new Native spiritual school in Toronto with full funding, busing and snacks. Also, five Ukrainian Eastern Rite schools with full funding under 3 Catholic school boards; extra 30 min of instruction per day in Ukrainian language and heritage and prayers in an old Slavic language paid for by government heritage grants and or church/parents.

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Faith-based funding – Tory may change plan

Reports indicate Conservative leader John Tory could change his plans on how he’ll bring in funding of faith-based schools. Campaign sources have told the Toronto Sun Tory is expected to announce that if he forms the next government he would put the issue to a free vote in the Legislature, rather than insist Conservative MPPs follow the party line.

Wynne was jeered when she suggested the funding plan would not lead to social cohesion. She says the Liberals “have been re-building a system that was undermined by the previous government. If we stop now, this province will not be strong.”

On the streets of Toronto, while some people told CFRB News that they may change their vote if Tory softens his stance on the issue, others said they wouldn’t, because the Conservative leader still believes in funding religious schools.

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Unfair questions to John Tory from a reporter

I heard a reporter ask John Tory, in reference to the faith-based school funding, about the fact that Islamic schools separate girls from boys. Now can you imagine and unfair that question is? Catholics, for years in Ontario have had girls and boys schools. However, in Ontario, because of our ignorance, it is not good for Islamic schools? Ask yourself the question. What Ontario do you want to live in? One that says Catholics are better than Jews, Hindu’s, Muslims or any other group. I do not care what side of the faith-based funding fence you are on. But we must stop and listen to ourselves. If you do not understand something, just because it is not “like you”, then take the time and try to learn. Let us learn from history and not ask silly questions. If you do not like separate schools for boys and girls, then say so, also addressing the fact that others have had this privilege for years. Of course the media was just trying to stir up some controversy, however with images in the Toronto Star this week showing girls from an Islamic school playing in a yard makes me wonder what the agenda is. Or are they just showing what Ontarians are really like? Are we just a little bit more ignorant and intolerant then we think we are?