Not everyone in Toronto dislikes the new HOV lanes

It’s it possible that we have actually found a “Keep It Simple” solution for Toronto (G.T.A) traffic woes? What would happen if we offered more GO Transit options using the existing HOV lanes, which now cross-cross the entire G.T.A? What if we leave the HOV lanes, as is, after the Pan Am Games and simply employ more transit bus drivers? What if we open things up to competition and allow other private bus (Greyhound, Coach Canada, etc…) companies to use the HOV lanes and compete for public riders in the outskirts of Toronto? It seems that we have a simple solution staring us in the face. I have talked to countless people who said “if there were more GO Bus service options and if they could know, with a guarantee, their travel time they would use it”. Knowing that you could grab a bus and zip across the city is just as good as any regional rail service. Think about it, other than fuel and paying drivers is it not a simple solution? I am sure if a bus was running every 10-15 minutes, or faster we may just leave the car at home; freeing up the roads and lowering traffic for others. We debate and politicians promise, but in the the end we just want to “keep it simple” and get to work, or home. It’s just a thought! What do you think?


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