Do the Ontario Liberals want an election?

An interesting game of poker is taking place in Ontario and it seems that the Liberals may have the best hand. Who has the most to lose? At the moment it’s the NDP. No one wants an election and I suspect that if one is called you can kiss all of those NDP seats goodbye. Both the NDP and the Tories cannot afford an election at the moment. In a funny sense if the NDP votes against the budget I am sure the Tories will end up having to support it. The Liberals be in the best position if an election is called. So who will blink first?

2 responses to “Do the Ontario Liberals want an election?

  1. Funny, I was just thinking about this yesterday. The Liberals have had a lot of issues since the election; the power plant, Deb Matthews and ORNGE, custs to OHIP but neither the Tories or the NDP have come out looking like a better alternate. If there is an election I can see what happened federally happen here – resulting in anotehr Liberal majority. But the election after there is no way they’ll be kept in power… Ontarians need more time before they break-up with their love affair with the Liberal party.

    • I think you are correct, but my guess is that Dalton maybe betting if an election is called Ontario voters may opt to give the Liberals a majority. I don’t think voters are ready to put the NDP in the drivers seat yet. I feel sorry for the Tories because they cannot seem to get any traction.

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