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Library workers are on strike in Toronto

For those who do not already know, library workers are on strike in Toronto. The city and union reps could not see eye-to-eye in time to avert the strike.All library locations are closed today as some 2300 hundred workers now setup pickets. The city is telling residents to hold on to their books until the strike is over. A service update is available on the TPL website. However a statement, shown on their website, is shown below.

Service Update

As of Sunday March 18, at 5:01PM, a legal strike by the Toronto Public Library Workers’ Union Local 4948 began. As a result, all library branches, including book drops, are closed, and all bookmobiles, home library service and programs are discontinued. Most website services are available during the labour disruption. Thank you. Further information and updates.


Hey London Ontario! This is not how you want to get noticed.

A fiery St. Patrick’s Day riot took place in London, Ontario; placing them among the new list of world-class cities in the world. All jokes aside I am sure this is not how London wanted to get noticed. Police are now going through video and witness statements; hoping to find those involved. So far 11 people have been arrested and the clean up has begun. It is strange that this would have happened in London Ontario, out of all places. However, it was close to Fanshawe College and it is understood that this was an area waiting to explode. Drinking, students and warm weather seemed to be the toxic mix that turned into an all out riot. Many of the idiotic individuals recorded themselves and spread it through social media. I am assuming the alcoholic mix also makes you not think, but Police will for sure comb through the online videos and pictures that were taken and posted.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxDPEzIhqbo’%5D

The area, around Fleming Drive, is often called a “student ghetto“. With over $100,000 dollars in damages and in light of the rioting, repercussions are on the way. During the police media conference, London Mayor Joe Fontana said the rioters would be held accountable. I am sure that Fanshawe College does not want the association with this riot, nor do London residence. What were they thinking?

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