What is the plan for Transit City now? GTA has worst commutes in 19-city survey

Commuters in the Greater Toronto Area suffer through longer round trips than their counterparts in 18 other major centres, including notoriously congested Los Angeles, according to a new report commissioned by the Toronto Board of Trade.

The board’s second annual “scorecard on prosperity” concluded the average GTA commute lasts a punishing 80 minutes for drivers and public-transit riders alike, putting the region an “embarrassing” last place behind not only L.A., but also the gridlocked metropolises of New York, London and Montreal.

“The report shows [commute times in the GTA] are getting worse,” said Carol Wilding, the president of the board of trade. “So there’s another clearly strong proof point and evidence that says they’re getting worse; we’ve underinvested. We’ve got to get on with it.”

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Transit City Cancelled?

Toronto’s commute times are the longest

One response to “What is the plan for Transit City now? GTA has worst commutes in 19-city survey

  1. Underinvested is just the beginning! I can rant for hours about the transit infrastructure that’s been held back in Canada’s most densly packed area..the GTA.
    We’ve got to get with it, is right! I know all politicians lie in their own way, however I ask one thing of them which is simple and that’s to get to point A to point B with as less hassle as possible. Transit drivers caught: texting, reading book, or taking extended breaks when they’re not supposed to. Buses either late or ahead of time, or not in service even though passengers are coming off the bus!aka. students Repeat after me,”I’m as mad as hell and I still have to take it more! If you’re like me you probably are concerned about transit because it’s either that or cycling. And I feel frustrated in a city like Mississauga w/ 730,000 people that service on some routes suck!!

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