Why social democrats should vote Green…


The Green Party Canada

The Green Party Canada

Submitted by Arif Jinha

I grew up NDP, and through my adult life shared interest in Greens and NDP. I finally joined the NDP while working in global health, under the inspiration of Stephen Lewis. Stephen Lewis remains a greatest living Canadian for me. I left the NDP when I realized that unlike Lewis, the NDP weren’t very social and weren’t very democratic.

From my experience as a ‘New’ Democratic Party candidate, here are several reasons why I say this, and there are likely more. These are the opinions of an ex-NDP candidate, they do not reflect the views of the NDP. For the NDP’s own good, I hope they receive a message in the next election akin to what happened to the PC party under Mulroney, and are reduced to nothing. Canada needs a party that stands for social justice, ecological wisdom, peace, respect for diversity, sustainability and participatory democracy. And a woman as Prime Minister! (Blogs are opinions and may not reflect the position of the GPC.) Here’s why social democrats shouldn’t vote NDP, but Green instead.

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