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Republican Hypocrisies

To all the believers, this one is for you! Hypocrisies….What’s new, eh?

Mat 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye….

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Scandalpedia? Not a leader?

Why? Please tell me why? Can we just all get along? More examples of viral media during this election. During the Provincial election it was the Progressive Tories with websites like this. I am curious how many people actually read this stuff, so, here is the link below. I will let you know once I find the NDP and Green Party sites, if they exist at all. Andy MJ / the G.T.A Patriot



See a portion of the site below. Sorry Conservatives, your site is entirely in Flash, so I cannot post the links at the moment.


Campaigning on a platform of accountability and clean government, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada formed government in February 2006. In these pages you will find biographies, links and summaries of scandals of the Conservative Party of Canada since taking power.

This campaign is going to the birds

First a puffin, now a Sparrow….CTV says Conservative Party communications director Ryan Sparrow has
been suspended for the duration of the campaign for questioning the motives of a father who lost a son in Afghanistan.

The Tory war room attacked a father of a soldier because he is allegedly a supporter of Michael Ignatieff. Good on the Tories for suspending Sparrow. Bad on the Tories for making him the fall guy when he is only the mouthpiece. At a certain point, a leader needs to take responsibility for what comes out of his war room.

Jim Davis, who lost a son to the war, openly complained that Stephen Harper’s stance on leaving our troops in the country until 2011 – a commitment he made on Wednesday – is ‘irresponsible.’ Tory communications director Ryan Sparrow wrote an email to a reporter accusing Davis of being a Liberal supporter, the fur began to fly. The inference that the comment may have been politically motivated instead of a grieving father lamenting the worst loss of his life, moved the Conservatives to suspend Sparrow for the rest of the campaign and they’ve ordered him to apologize.

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Apple screws Windows users with iTunes 8 Install – Sneaky upgrade with no disclosure…

Apple are screwing Windows users again. If this was Microsoft the outrage would be far greater! I’m reading lots of complaints about the new iTunes 8 update causing horrific problems on Windows machines, including widespread reports of STOP errors, aka the Blue Screen of Death. My colleague Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has asked readers for reports and Gizmodo has a sketchy post as well. How can this be happening? Assuming that the underlying hardware is working correctly, STOP errors can only be caused by kernel-level drivers or system services. A poorly written program can crash itself but not the entire system. So how can a supposedly simple software update cause a fatal crash?

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Are the election attacks ads in good taste?

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